Fleet management

A highly performing IOT platform that is fully integrated with all the latest telematics and IOT devices that can be used to deliver all the Fleet Management required data through a wide range of different reports and notifications, Real time and historical tracking and much more. QAT simply got all the FMS’s requirements covered, from vehicles maintenance, documents and fuel management to driver’s identification, attendance and performances evaluations.

Fleet Management

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

GPS enables real-time tracking of fleet vehicles, allowing fleet managers to monitor their locations and movements on a digital map. This helps optimize routes, respond quickly to changes, and ensure timely deliveries or service calls.

Fleet Management

Route Optimization

GPS systems analyze traffic patterns, road conditions, and other factors to calculate the most efficient routes for vehicles. This minimizes fuel consumption, reduces travel time, and improves overall fleet productivity.

Fleet Management

Performance Monitoring

GPS provides data on vehicle speed, acceleration, and idle time, allowing fleet managers to monitor driver behavior and identify areas for improvement. This helps enhance safety, reduce fuel consumption, and minimize wear and tear on vehicles in Fleet Management.


GPS allows the creation of virtual boundaries or geofences around specific locations. Fleet managers can receive instant notifications when vehicles enter or exit these predefined areas, improving security and ensuring adherence to designated routes. Combine the power of GPS technology with geofencing for unparalleled precision. Create custom virtual perimeters, receive real-time notifications upon entry or exit, and take your tracking and monitoring to the next level. Stay in control and ensure the utmost security with seamless geofencing integration with Fleet Management service.

Fleet Management

Maintenance and Service Reminders

GPS systems can track mileage, engine hours, and other vehicle parameters, triggering automatic maintenance and service reminders. This proactive approach helps prevent breakdowns, optimize vehicle lifespan, and reduce maintenance costs.

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